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Master Zhen Hua Yang has been studying human movement since a young child. His first teachers were the martial arts and energy masters of Shaolin and WuDang Temples. His teachers from these temples were of a very high skill level. They included Master Hai Deng from Shaolin, who was most famous for his one-finger stand. Master Yang's teacher from Wu Dang was an elderly Taoist monk who shared with him knowledge about yin-yang balance, Qi ('chi') energy production, well-being in life and human longevity. As Master Yang started to get older, his father and grandfather passed onto him their 400 year-old family martial arts system, a lineage used to train the guards of the Chinese Emperor, with this too being closely guarded and not available to the general public.

In the early 1990s, Master Yang moved to Australia and while here, decided to privately teach his unique martial arts system. It was during this time that Master Yang had a “realisation” in connection to sports and how to apply his power and reflex methods to them. Not long after this, he started teaching his power techniques to rugby teams, swimmers, tennis players and cricketers with great success. By the turn of the century, Master Yang was getting more involved with other areas of movement and power, outside of martial arts. He was receiving interest from practicing yogis, as well as elite athletes wishing to enhance their explosive power and life force energy.

By 2008 he started putting together the foundations for Calligraphy Health, through his Calligraphy Yoga system. These foundations were based on a 3-dimensional model, incorporating three main systems within the human body; blood circulation, mental/nerve circulation and digestive circulation. Master Yang considers these systems to be“the pillar” of longevity and good health, which is why they are points of focus. 

Today, though based in Australia, Master Yang travels the globe training thousands of people each year in his systems for health and recovery. He established the Gold Coast Retreat Centre in 2015; a large house set among the rainforest of Wongawallan in the Gold Coat hinterland, with sweeping views of the ocean and city. 

Master Yang’s goal is to see more and more people reach a high level of health. He wants people to be able to enjoy their lives because they are still mobile and functioning, happy, grounded, peaceful, and exuding positive energy. In Master Yang’s own words, “The highest level of living is with no sickness, no pain and passing away naturally.”