Master Zhen Hua Yang is a paragon of body-mind connected movement. A world-renowned expert in qi-gong, martial arts and longevity, he travels the world, training thousands of people each year in his systems for health and recovery. From a young age, Master Yang trained for over a decade in the most respected Martial Arts and Health Institutions in China and is an expert in his field. 


In the early 1990s, Master Yang moved to Australia and decided to privately teach his unique martial arts system. He began to offer his techniques to elite athletes to assist in developing their skills around endurance, somatic movement and focus, with great success. His clients included professional Rugby League teams, Olympic athletes, Yoga Masters and professional mixed-martial artists and boxers. By the turn of the century, Master Yang had shifted focus to teaching health improvement programs to the public, which he continues to do internationally, year-round.

His program is based on a 3-dimensional movement model, incorporating three main systems within the human body; the circulatory system, nervous system and digestion. Master Yang considers these systems to be “the pillar” of longevity, rehabilitation and good health, which is why they are the primary points of focus. 

After training veterans as participants of his regular health programs, Master Yang's techniques were found to significantly reduce their complex symptoms and the Warrior Revival program was conceived. It has been tailored to improve PTSD/Mental Health illness and pain management. This evidence-based program has been proven to improve quality of life for veterans with common military service injuries. One of the goals of the Warrior Revival program is also to reduce the rate of suicide among veterans.

Warrior Revival is proudly run by Australian Veterans who are committed to bringing positive change to other veterans in need.