The Warrior Revival program was created by Master Zhen Hua Yang and brought to the military community by two Australian veterans, who recognised the power of this system after training with Master Yang for nearly two decades between them.

The program aims to return veterans closer to their natural state; i.e. the balance of body, mind and self. Through specific somatic movement, you will be shown how to re-balance your nervous system, improve blood flow, reduce symptoms and recover from injury. Calm your mind, learn to unlock previous ambition, drive, motivations and emotional connection to family and friends, but most importantly, return the sense of identity that you once knew.


The training involves focused 3 dimensional movements that are accessible to all, regardless of injury or ability, designed to relax and remove tension from muscles, lengthen tendons, create space in the spine and importantly, increase blood flow and circulation to organs and all body systems. This creates a body system 'reset' of sorts, which transforms and profoundly vitalises mind, body and emotions.

Benefits of the training includes


  • Increase your daily energy

  • Create a fresh positive mindset

  • Improve relationships with friends, family and the community

  • Increase your concentration, create mental space

  • Reduce pain

  • Restore organ function

  • Create a sense of wellbeing and happiness within yourself

  • Assists in recovery from anxiety and depression

Please see our program testimonials to hear other veterans detail their experience. For upcoming program dates, see our events page. All Australian Military Veterans are eligible to participate. For pricing and further details, please contact us.